Located in the arm of beautiful Lake Tai and close to Yangtze River, Wuxi Husheng Sports Goods Plant is a professional maker of fencing equipments set up in 1997. Through many years of hard work, our company has great varieties and complete range of articles, which has become one of leading supplier of fengcing equipment in China.

Our fencing equipments are made under the supervision of China Fencing Association. The main products: Fencing masks (CE 350N&FIE 1600N), Fencing uniform (CE 350N&FIE 800N), Training clothes, Coach clothes, Metal clothes, chest protector, Gloves, Three kinds of weapon, Fencing shoes (LiNing Brand), etc.

We are striving for the perfection of all the products. With the fine craftsmanship and high technology, the professional level and the service promise, our products have won the favor from many people.

In various fecing competitions, including Asian Games and many Chanpionships, the products of our company were widely uesed and won great reputation. (esp. The Fencing Piste)

Now the products are widely sold both at home and abroad.We have Sales agent in Philippines, Taiwan, India, Romania, UK and other parts of the world. The export business is going quite well and shows strong momentum of growth. We will dedicate more to serve our overseas customers better.

Warmly welcome those with far-reaching vision both at home and abroad to join our company and seek the common development.





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